Friday, August 15, 2014


It used to be every day, then year. Now, every few years, and, she hoped, eventually, the sadness - the dark unfillable void will go, replaced with something like peace. But not yet. She logged into the game and began the search.

She found him deep within a digital cavern, holding court - an NPC holding other players in rapt attention. she recognised parts of his dialogue - things he'd said, replayed over the years, digital de ja vu. Though there seemed to be some new dialogue in there, but it was possible that over the years they'd started to bring in dialogue from other media or games he'd played in, it all seemed to be him.

She got his attention and started the dialogue dance. Sometimes seguewaying into the conversation stream was difficult, and sometimes, like now, she found a natural in, and quickly she found the rhythm.

And, once again, she had the last conversation she ever had with her father.

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